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11 Work Stress Statistics That Will Shape Your New Year's Resolutions

2016 has been a doozy....
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The Beginner's Guide to Office Mindfulness

By Sydney Thompson / Dec 01, 2016

/ workplace happiness

For most of us, a majority of our waking hours are spent at work. Even when not physically in the office we are just a click, tap, or ring away from our desks. Unfortunately, this doesn't bode well for contractor work-life ...
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5 Tech Accessories for the On-The-Go Contracting Employee

  Whether by car, train, bus, or even plane most of us spend countless hours each week commuting. Regardless of your attitude towards your to-and-from work, we can all agree that the act of traveling can be tiresome. ...
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4 Desktop Items Scientifically Proven to Boost Your Productivity

The average U.S. employee works 1790 hours a year[1]. For many of us, that’s nearly 21% of a given year spent consigned to a desk. 1790 hours spent looking at the same computer, over 107,000 minutes within the same walls, ...
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