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Google's 5 Elements of Successful Work Teams

Teams are the backbone of the workplace....
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5 Foolproof Steps for Pitching Your Great Idea as a Contractor

It's officially 2017, and you know what that means - starting anew. From updated goals to fresh resolutions, the coming year can seem full of possibilities, that is until it comes to how to pitch a work-related idea. No ...
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Boost Your Career Success with Emotional Intelligence (Infographic)

By Heidi Leik / Dec 08, 2016

/ management

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Tips for Dealing with that Troublesome Colleague [Podcast]

By Heidi Leik / Sep 15, 2016

/ management, / Employee Relations

Have you ever struggled with a coworker or manager that you didn’t particularly care for or get along with?...
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10 Demotivating Management Practices to Stop Immediately [Slideshare]

It is no secret that managers in contract work are tied to the goals, metrics, and accomplishments of the teams and individuals that they oversee. It is certainly no small feat to be a manager, but what happens when ...
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