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3 Contracting Myths Debunked

At some point in your career you’ve likely been told there is a ‘simple’ trick for landing a job. This advice has taken many elusive forms- whether in the shape of a well-written cover letter, applying exclusively via a ...
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7 Easy Tips For Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Photo courtesy of We are so often told about the importance of first impressions, berated at a young age with adages of books covers, firm handshakes, and a lack of second chances, but in the age of ...
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Refresh Your Search: 5 TED Talks to Keep You Motivated While Job Hunting

By Sydney Thompson / Aug 09, 2016

/ job search

Searching for a contract position can be less than thrilling, in fact, it can be a downright drag....
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20 Daily Schedules of the Rich and Famous [Infographic]

By Sydney Thompson / Aug 02, 2016

/ Productivity

I can almost guarantee that you have been asked about your ‘five-year plan’ or ‘long-term goals’ in any recent job interview or review. No matter how you described this future and what it entailed, you likely laid out a ...
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