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5 Tech Accessories for the On-The-Go Employee

  Whether by car, train, bus, or even plane most of us spend countless hours each week commuting. Regardless of your attitude towards your to-and-from work, we can all agree that the act of traveling can be tiresome. ...
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10 Frightening Job Seekers Mistakes to Avoid [Infographic]

Halloween is just around the corner, and you might be surprised to hear that TAJ employees aren’t thinking about spooky costumes or what candy to hand out, but rather the fearful mistakes which can lead to missed ...
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Video Game Soundtracks: The Unlikely Champion of Office Productivity

By Sydney Thompson / Oct 20, 2016

/ Productivity

I am a serial listener. Between podcasts, audiobooks, and music I have headphones in ears nearly all of my solo working hours. The fact is I enjoy the background noise as well as productivity pick me up, and I’ve come to ...
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9 Things Never To Do In an Interview

By Sydney Thompson / Oct 14, 2016

/ interview

Despite our best efforts, interviews can be a tricky business. Between nerves and ill-preparation even the most seasoned professionals can find their chances of an offer out of reach. However, the opposite – a great ...
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12 Troublesome Work Behaviors and Tips for Overcoming Them [SlideShare]

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Tips for Dealing with that Troublesome Colleague [Podcast]

Have you ever struggled with a coworker or manager that you didn’t particularly care for or get along with?...
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4 Desktop Items Scientifically Proven to Boost Your Productivity

The average U.S. employee works 1790 hours a year[1]. For many of us, that’s nearly 21% of a given year spent consigned to a desk. 1790 hours spent looking at the same computer, over 107,000 minutes within the same walls, ...
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18 Offbeat Interview Questions Top CEO's Ask

 An essential part of the hiring process is the interview. We’re all prepared for the “tell me about yourself" or "what would you identify as your primary strengths", however, I will bet that you have never been asked what ...
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3 Hiring Myths Debunked

At some point in your career you’ve likely been told there is a ‘simple’ trick for landing a job. This advice has taken many elusive forms- whether in the shape of a well-written cover letter, applying exclusively via a ...
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7 Easy Tips For Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Photo courtesy of We are so often told about the importance of first impressions, berated at a young age with adages of books covers, firm handshakes, and a lack of second chances, but in the age of ...
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